Our Products

We supply a wide range of cleaning products specially made to clean various areas in your home, workplace and even your car and appliances, you name it. Our products are environmentally friendly and have been tested to ensure that they are safe for usage. As with cleaning products, we have detailed instructions that give the user specific ways of using and storing our products to ensure that no harm comes to our client.

We offer the following cleaning products:

Domestic Products

  Pine Gel

  Metal Polish

  Furniture Oil

  Citrus Gel

  Lavender Gel

  Ammonia Power Cleaner(Handy andy)

  Dish wash

  Multi purpose Bathroom Cleaner

  Multi purpose Kitchen Cleaner

  Floor and Tile Cleaner

  Fabric Softener

  Foam Bath

  Pine Disinfectant

  Oven Cleaning Liquid 

  Dry Shine Floor Polish

  Laundry Liquid

  Carpet Shampoo

  Bleach

  Thick Bleach

  Stain Remover

  Hand Soap

  Shampoo

  Drain Cleaner Liquid 

  Hand Sanitizer

  Hand & Body Lotion

Industrial Cleaning Products

   Precision Hand Cleaner with Silica grit

  Black Dip

  Heavy Duty Degreaser

  All Purpose Cleaner

  Non Animated Floor Stripper

Automotive Products

  Reggae 911 Anti Freeze

  Tyre Shine 911

  Dashboard Shine 

  Wash & Wax

  Auto Engine Cleaner

  Air Refreshner (Car)


  Hand Sanitizers

  1 Litre Sanitizers

  5 Litre Sanitizers

  25 Litre Sanitizers

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