Our Cleaning


We provide residential and commercial cleaning services to Commercial and professional areas from homes, offices, complexes and more. We are able to clean and maintain the premises on a continuous contractual basis. Our cleaning services also include disinfecting and fogging to ensure that your area is thoroughly cleaned.

We offer the following cleaning services:

Cleaning Services

We offer School, Residential & Industrial Cleaning using our trusted cleaning products and equipment. No area is too far to reach or too hard to clean.

Pre/Post Occupational Cleaning

We offer Deep cleaning, including Floors and ceilings using our trusted cleaning products and equipment. 

Windows & Carpet Cleaning

We offer School, All types of window & carpet cleaning using our trusted cleaning products and equipment. 

Post Renovation Cleaning

We offer Post Renovation Cleaning that leaves your newly renovated area looking as clean and ready for your furniture to move in. Our team ensures that we complete in time and your area is left ready to move into.

Pre/Post Construction Cleaning

We offer Pre Construction Cleaning to prepare areas for construction and we also offer post construction cleaning so you can enjoy your new building with no rubble around.

Standard Maintenance

We offer Maintenance to residential or office spaces and we offer them on contractual basis depending on your needs. This ensures that your office or residence is cleaned daily and remains free from rodents and pests, making it a better place to work or live.

Covid-19 Disinfection

We disinfect various areas using our effective Covid-19 solution. Our team follows all protocols and provide a certificate of disinfection.

Fumigation (Pest Control)

We provide Pest control services and fumigate areas to keep away rodents, insects and more in offices and residential areas.

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